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Education provides a future
The Karmel Missionsstiftung - Dr. Fernando helps socially and economically disadvantaged people all over the world.
Health, a home fit for living in and access to education and work are fundamental for an independent life. The foundation therefore supports projects that provide such access and in so doing paves the way for sustainable self-help, for the best type of help is help which makes itself surplus to requirements in the long run.
The foundation primarily supports the projects of the Order of the Carmelites. The work of the Carmelite brothers ensures that the financial funds are used responsibly on the ground.

The foundation was set up by Dr. Douglas Fernando, Chairman of AVILA Management & Consulting AG, Berlin, and the order provinces of the Teresian Carmelites in Germany and Austria. It is officially recognised as a foundation with legal status under private law.
The funds used come from the returns on the foundation's capital invested securely and profitably in accordance with ethical criteria and donations from dedicated supporters, who include first and foremost the AVILA Group.
The projects on this website show how diverse and effective our aid is. We ask you to kindly support this aid and to broaden its foundation with donations or contributions.
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